Law Enforcement


Why choose the Husick Group?

When you work with the Husick Group, a licensed private investigative agency, you are assured of the highest standards of professionalism and confidentiality. 

Founder and Agency Principal Gail Husick has nearly a decade of experience in the Controlled Remote Viewing field. As a graduate of Harvard Law School (J.D.) and the University of Washington’s top-rated private investigator training program, she has a solid grasp of the legal issues faced by police in their investigations. And having both a parent and a sibling with careers in local and Federal law enforcement, she has an appreciation of the challenges faced by law enforcement, and a deep respect for the service they provide to their communities.

How can we help you? What more would you like to know?

The Husick Group offers Controlled Remote Viewing and Reverse Speech support directly to law enforcement agencies. Controlled Remote Viewing taskings can include crucial pieces of information such as:

• Current physical and emotional state of a hostage or missing person

• Location of a person or object, including sketches showing the location’s appearance and relationship to surrounding landmarks

• Sequence of events of an incident of interest

• Physical, psychological and biographical characteristics of a perpetrator

• Relationships, motives and other conceptual information

Reverse Speech analysis, which can be conducted on audio recordings of interviews provided by you and/or audio recordings of our Controlled Remote Viewing professionals during their sessions, may assist you in deciding how to focus your investigative resources. It is not unusual to hear specific names of people and places in speech reversals, as well as information about past motives and future intentions. 

Click here to read an article describing a murder case where our Reverse Speech analysis provided the name of the person who later confessed his involvement, the motive for the crime, and several other details that were later confirmed. On that case, we were able to provide this information within the first day following the crime, and a full two weeks before the body was recovered.


Controlled Remote Viewing and Reverse Speech are no substitute for police work, and our results generally are not admissible as evidence in court. However, our work may lead you to the discovery of evidence that is admissible. It may give you the edge you need to narrow a search area when time is of the essence. It may suggest which witnesses or suspects are worth re-interviewing and which specific lines of questioning are most likely to be productive. It may give you that one clue you need to jump start a cold case.

How we work with law enforcement

Our role is to support you, which typically means working quietly behind the scenes. Our work is limited to what we do best – delivering information and analysis based on Controlled Remote Viewing and Reverse Speech results. We leave the other investigative work to you.

To avoid inadvertently interfering with an on-going police investigation, it is the policy of the Husick Group to deliver results exclusively to you. We do not communicate about your case with the media, interested parties, or even the family members of a missing person without your approval. Even after a matter is concluded, it is our policy not to disclose identifying information about the case or your agency without your authorization.

We understand that law enforcement matters are often time-sensitive. With a network of over two dozen Controlled Remote Viewing professionals spread around the globe, we can assemble a team quickly and can literally work around the clock to meet your needs. Often, our Viewers can be hard at work on a case within a few hours after an initial inquiry.

A dedicated Project Manager will be assigned to your matter, so that you have a single point of contact at the Husick Group. Your Project Manager will act as the liaison between you and the Controlled Remote Viewing professionals working on your case, and will be available to answer any questions you may have throughout the process.

Although we are passionate about what we do and could talk endlessly about our work, we know you are busy. After we deliver our results to you, we generally wait for you to reach out to us if there are things you want to discuss further.


We can assemble a team and pin-point our taskings to fit your budget. If the family of a missing person is responsible for the bill and our usual fees would create a hardship, we will consider working on a reduced fee or pro bono basis (see FAQs). Where we provide information that satisfies the conditions of a reward offer, we will make a claim for the reward.

Questions or concerns?

Haven’t used Controlled Remote Viewing or Reverse Speech on an investigation before? No problem. We are happy to answer any questions you may have, and there are definitely no stupid questions from law enforcement.

Feeling a little weird about working with “psychics”? Again, no problem. In order to work with the Husick Group, you don’t have to buy in to psychic functioning or any particular theory of the subconscious mind. We are used to working with skeptics, and tough questions don’t hurt our feelings. All we ask is that you consider our results with an open mind, and be prepared to devote appropriate resources to following up on information we provide to the extent it is actionable.

Concerned about sensitive information leaking out? We understand your concern, and are committed to maintaining confidentiality. Because of our blind-tasking protocols, we do not require extensive case details from you in order to do our work. In fact, in order to avoid biasing our personnel, we prefer that you only provide us with the minimum information necessary to define the target you would like us to address. Once your project is underway, information flows from us to you, not the other way around. We are a licensed private investigative agency, and we are keenly aware that our reputation for integrity and confidentiality is key to our continued success.

All inquiries from law enforcement are held in strict confidence. See Legal for details.