How We Work

Can the Husick Group help you? Maybe. That’s right, maybe.

Controlled Remote Viewing and Reverse Speech are powerful tools, but like any tool, they need to be suited to the task at hand. Before commencing a new project, we will sit down with you and discuss in detail your specific needs, whether Controlled Remote Viewing and/or Reverse Speech are appropriate for what you want to accomplish, what sort of results you can reasonably expect, and what it will cost. If we don’t think it’s a good match, we’ll say so right up front. Sure, we like new business. But more importantly, we love successful projects and happy clients.

Integrity matters, and we choose our projects accordingly. We like to understand what and who we are getting involved with, and how our work will be used. Developing a new technology? We’re in. Corporate espionage? Nope. Finding a missing child? We’d love to help. Spying on an ex? Life is too short. You get the idea.

The Process

If after discussing your needs we think there is a good match, we will work with you to clearly define the scope of your inquiry, the size and composition of your Husick Group team, and the timeline and budget for your project. We don’t turn on the meter until you are happy with all these terms and give us the go-ahead.

While your project is underway, a dedicated Project Manager from the Husick Group will coordinate all aspects of your project and will be available to answer any questions you may have. The Project Manager acts as a liaison between you and the Viewers working on your matter, making sure that the Viewers’ work is responsive to your needs. This arrangement also helps Viewers do their best work by protecting their anonymity and shielding them from emotional pressures and “polluting” information that could drive imagination and adversely affect results. 

Once the Viewers’ work is complete, we will create a written report containing the Viewers’ findings in a well-organized, easy-to-read format. If your project includes a Reverse Speech component, you will also receive a written transcript of the significant speech reversals that were found, together with .mp3 audio files of those reversals so you can hear them for yourself. And of course, after the project report is delivered, your Project Manager will remain available to answer any questions you may have about the process or the results. We are proud of the work that we do and want to make sure that we provide the post-project support necessary for you to get the most out of it.


Our Viewers are trained in the rigorous Controlled Remote Viewing protocols originally developed at Stanford Research Institute and used in the U.S. Army’s Remote Viewing unit at Ft. Meade. The Viewers assigned to your project will be selected from our network of professionals based on the match between their particular strengths and the particular type of information that you require. For instance, some Viewers excel at describing and sketching locations, while other Viewers have a strong track record of providing information about people, processes, events or objects. For complex projects, we can break your matter into separate components, staffing each component with the Viewers best suited for obtaining that type of information.

We have found from experience that a team-based approach produces significantly more useful results than can be obtained with single-Viewer staffing. As is the case with ordinary eyewitnesses, different Viewers will often perceive the same target from different vantage points, and their attention will be drawn to different aspects of the target based on their own unique characteristics and perceptual strengths. By having multiple Viewers independently addressing the same target, more detailed information can be expected compared to the work of a single Viewer. Additionally, meaningful patterns emerge from the work of multiple Viewers in a way that is simply not possible with the work of a single Viewer. 

For these reasons, the minimum number of Viewers that we task on a given target is three, and we have staffed some targets with over twenty Viewers. 


The cost of a Husick Group project typically starts at a few thousand dollars, and includes a team size of at least three professional Controlled Remote Viewers and one Project Manager. The exact cost of your project will depend on variables such as the number of questions to be addressed and the level of detail needed, the number of Viewers to be included on the team, the length and quality of audio recordings to be analyzed for speech reversals, and the turn-around time desired. 

Let us know what you need, and we will work with you to design a project that fits your budget. We will commit to a price up-front and in writing, so that you know exactly what your costs will be. Life is full of surprises, but the cost of your Husick Group project won’t be one of them.

The Importance of Feedback

At the Husick Group, we seek projects where our work eventually can be judged against an objective standard. For example, if we provide information about the location of a missing person, the reason for a mechanical failure, or the authenticity of an item…we like to hear back from the client once there is independent evidence confirming the answer. Providing this sort of feedback assists us in improving our process and skills, and in documenting our track record. Even more importantly, providing feedback is directly beneficial to the client, in that it strengthens the link between the Viewers and the target information that the Viewers were initially tasked to describe.

After your project is complete, it will be up to you how much feedback you wish to share. For both your benefit and ours, we encourage you to contact us with feedback at any time, no matter how long it has been since your project was conducted. We know that long after a matter has been resolved, new details can still come to light. Any non-public feedback you provide to us will remain covered by our confidentiality commitment to you.


At the Husick Group, we believe that your business is just that – your business. Rest assured that we hold all client information in strict confidence. See Legal for details. 


Special Note Regarding Missing-Person Cases

Although the Husick Group is a licensed private investigative agency, we generally limit our role in missing-person situations to what we do best – applying Controlled Remote Viewing and Reverse Speech methodologies and rendering a report of our analysis. 

To avoid the possibility of inadvertently interfering with a criminal investigation or of violating the privacy of someone who does not wish to be found, it is our policy in missing-person situations to work directly and exclusively with law enforcement.

Family members or loved ones of a missing person are often the first people to contact us about working on a missing-person case. While we are happy to speak with friends and family to gather background information at the beginning of a project, please understand that our results will be delivered to and discussed with law enforcement only. For this reason, it is important to involve law enforcement early in the process.

If you would like us to work on a missing-person matter for you, we will ask that you put us in touch directly with the law-enforcement agency with jurisdiction over the case. Before beginning work, we will speak with the responsible law-enforcement personnel to confirm that they are willing to consider information derived from Controlled Remote Viewing and/or Reverse Speech sources…and that they are willing to devote appropriate resources to following up on actionable information provided by the Husick Group.